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Alterac Vally & Tanaris

I've never bothered with going to the battlegrounds until like a couple of days ago. First time I went to the war district in Ironforge I was able to get into Alterac Vally and clock up like 400-500 kills after three hours of hardcore slaughter. I've only been there once and I signed up on two other occasions waiting to go in and well I learnt that when it says that it takes 22 minutes (roughly) to join the battlegrounds I've just learnt that it means, "Sod off! There are no were near enough people signed up to get a full side." which really blows. Least now I am only 1 bar away from reaching level 58... It is all rest bonus so I guess I can say that it is only 1/2 a bar to reach the next level then my pets and myself all get new skills.

The Ironforge auction house gets so annoying at times when you auction something for 24 hours and you do that three times and you can't sell whatever. I got a purple (epic?) gun which was like a rapid shooter and couldn't sell that over 3-4 days so I just managed to sell it for the price that the Hurricane bow sells for. Didn't care about the actual price of the item, just wanted to get rid of it for a half-decent price. I had some leatherworking blueprints for sasle for ages and couldn't get rid of them so this morning before I we to university I went and put it in the Tanaris.

Is it just me or does it cost more to put up in the Tanaris auction house?
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