Ravenstar (ragecarnuu) wrote in wow_spinebreake,


LVL 23-28 Darkshire. Grat level and drops in raven hill cemetary. Orges are killing easy despite being 2 lvls higher.

LVL 28-32 Wetlands - Aprodite lvl 60 in the kylin guild helped us on the epics.

LVL 32-34 South shore - small amount of quests, easy to do solo

LVL 34-36 Altari Highlands - Good exp solo. Stormguard is needing a party to go in though. US Marine Corps Guild w 2 LVL 60s helped us kill the level 42 elite ones.

LVL 36-39 Strangle Horn Vale - numerous quest, long running ugh, herb farming is outstanding. Going back for the elite quests after I get a mount.

LVL 39 Desolace. I need something to boost me to lvl 40 and there are yellow quests to do here.

Alchemy 245
Herbalism 265
Fishing 156
Cooking 225
First Aid 225
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